Schwamborn 201 Scarifier, Electric


Schwamborn 201 Scarifier, Electric, 5 point tungsten carbide cutters, 2.2 Kw motor, 74kg, dust connection 50mm, works up to the edge 45mm.

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Schwamborn 201 Scarifier, Electric

Concrete and screed milling machine for small to medium sized areas. The low centre of gravity afords a big silent running and ensures quick and even milling results. Double-sided rotor bearing and hardened cuter bearings make these partcularly reliable.


Roughening and grooving of concrete, removing of coatngs, road markings, cement residues and old foor coverings.


  • Milling housing made of cast iron, partcularly heavy design
  • Rotor bearing
  • Dust-tght and maintenance-free rotor bearings
  • Contnuous milling depth adjustment
  • Motor overload protecton (e-version)
  • High-level air intake (petrol version)
  • Automatc motor shutdown when oil level is low (petrol version)


Special characteristics
Dust sealed drum bearing
Milling housing made of cast iron, particularly heavy design
Rotor bearing
Motor overload protection
Central drum lowering function and depth settin
Technical data (Ref. No. 795105)
cutters carbide cutters
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power output 2.2 kW
Working width 200 mm
Operating weight 77 kg
Ø-Dust control 50 mm
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