Schwamborn DSM650RC Planetary Three Phase Grinder


Schwamborn DSM650RC Planetary Three Phase Remote Control Grinder

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Let your Grinder do the grinding.

Entrust your grinding tasks to the Schwamborn DSM 650RC Remote Controlled Planetary Concrete Floor Grinder. 


The professional grinding machines with remote control powered by Schwamborn technology. Suitable for large areas (DSM 800RC) or for agile and versatile use (DSM 650RC) and offering considerably enhanced operator comfort and a high level of productivity.

  • Remote control >> Vibration free >> and easy working
  • The ETX-2 tool holder, the complete accessory range and display information on current machine performance ensure a uniformly high surface quality and maximum productivity.
  • Remote control – Schwamborn System
  • 180° turning manoeuvres with grinder overlapping = uniform grinding result
  • Automatic movement, independent forwards motion
  • Shuttle movement, uniform overlapping
  • Drive to and from site, and for transport without being connected to three phase power. This machine runs and is portable running off it's own internal battery making it easier to move around.
  • Trimming, uniform grinding straight ahead
  • Display info with tool velocity and travelling speed


Why Schwamborn Grinders?

German built, engineered and manufactured, Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinders offer extremely high production, made possible due to their combination of weight, motor power, and diamond grinding pressure. Combined with the correct diamond tooling, our Schwamborn machines offer productive, high-performance efficiency when on site. These machines are powerful, easy to manoeuvre, and have the flexibility to perfect your floor with a superior polished finish, or to simply remove humps, glues, paints, trip hazards & epoxies. Built to a standard professional contractors demand and expect, this German-built machine boasts the highest quality of workmanship and is proud to be rental tough™.

Over 80 years of engineering experience stands behind the design of every Schwamborn machine. Designed for excellence in floor preparation, polishing and removal,


Schwamborn Remote Controlled Concrete floor grinder features, 

  • Automatic left / right swin grinding for a consistent concrete floor finish
  • High performance gearing for maximum power transmission
  • Anti-shock transmission mounting (ASD) to ensure less vibration
  • Narrow construction to enable driving through standard doorways 
  • Ergonic guide bracket for more convenience and precise machine handling 
  • Reinforced spreadst for quick adjustement of the guide bracket 
  • Non-Abrasive solid rubber tyres to prevent staining on processed floors 
  • Reinforced Double Poly belts for ideal power transmission and best work results
  • Soft start 
  • Speed control for perfect tool adjustment, diamond cooling and even surface preparation 
  • DOC Drive Overload Clutch. Protects the drive against shock loads when starting or driving over obstacles, in turn extending the surface life of your new machine.
  • ETX Easy Tool Exchange. Time is money! This simple knock on diamond shoe system is designed for easy and quick tooling exchange.
  • DIF Diamond Floating Device. Nothing is worse than an uneven surface when you’re looking for a perfect floor finish. Because every floor surface is different, our DIF system ensures uniform grinding results and reduces the machine's vibration at the same time.
  • MOP Motor Overload Protection. Improved electrical safety gives outstanding reliability for our Schwamborn machines when working under heavy working conditions


In Australia, the Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinders are leading the industry, while boasting ECONOMY, SAFETY, EASE OF USE and INNOVATION. 

Call one of our team today to discuss your concrete floor preparation, edge grinding or resurfacing requirements further, 1800 422 992.

Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Power output 11 kW
Working width 650 mm
No. of tools 3 x 230 mm
Grinding pressure, max. 107 - 240 kg
Operating weight 450 kg
Edge distance 10 mm
Tool speed 400 - 1200 r.p.m.
Tank 15 l
Ø-Dust control 76 mm
Tool mount ETX1, ETX2, Velcro
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Schwamborn DSM650RC Planetary Three Phase Remote Control Grinder Schwamborn DSM650RC Planetary Three Phase Grinder