Snub Nose 175mm (7") Dust Shroud with Velcro Skirt suits 7" and 9" Angle Grinders


Snub Nose 175mm (7") Dust Shroud with Velcro Skirt suits 7" and 9" Angle Grinders

This dust shroud is designed for diamond grinding concrete floors when mounted on a 230 mm (9in) angle grinder and for polishing concrete when mounted on a 18 mm (7in) polisher using ring resin pads.

Fabricated from steel it will not warp or wear prematurely and is rigid in shape to allow for the floating skirt which automatically adjusts to the right height when you place the grinder on the floor and it has a flattened front for grinding up to edges of walls and fixtures. A rubber skirt can be ordered if preferred over the plastic floating skirt. Frictionless in operation without suck-down it will increase productivity with reduced fatigue and also improve control of the grinder.

Five inserts are provided for the mounting collar to fit all the major brands of 23 mm angle grinders and two separate inserts are available to fit many of the 18 mm variable-speed polishers. Uses include concrete floor grinding and polishing, glue and paint removal, floor leveling, trip hazard removal and surface preparation. A removable cover strip is fixed to the front of the dust shroud with hook and loop fastening for quick, tool-less removal when grinding against a wall.

The plastic skirt and the rubber skirt will eventually be worn through in a small area at the front by the grinding wheel while edging so that debris may escape when grinding the main floor away from the wall. This is prevented by replacing the cover strip after edge grinding is completed.

Under most conditions this dust shroud will fully contain the dust when fitted to an adequate vacuum dust collector however, when grinding softer concrete with a turbo style diamond wheel the centrifugal forces created by the fan-like action of the turbo blade may force debris and some dust under the skirt. In these circumstances a finer grit of diamond wheel should be used and a hard bond diamond segment to reduce the debris load inside the shroud, or a different style Arrow segment or Tearitoff diamond wheel should be fitted.

Extra vacuum may be created by temporarily placing tape over the topfront of the shroud covering the gap between the skirt and the shroud, but this is not the best fix for soft concrete. When mounting this shroud to a grinder the collar may have to be moved down the bearing housing a little for extra adjustment if large segment diamond wheels are fitted.

The dust outlet tube is 38mm OD and 35mm ID which is standard for many vacuum fittings and 35mm vacuum hoses, and adapters can be purchased from vacuum dust collector suppliers to reduce 5 mm vacuum hoses to the 38mm shroud fitting.


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