Standard (20kg) Level Floor Cement


Standard (20kg) Level Floor Cement based self leveling floor repair and patching compound. Coverage - 1.5kg covers 1m2 - 1mm thick - DON'T FORGET YOUR PRIMER

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A resin modified, fast setting cement based compound for use as an underlay and repair screed on floors. It's smooth texture and easy flow allow an ease of placement, trowelling, feather edging and finish. Often mixed in the Portamix hippo mixer for a consistent mix, and fast pour direct to the floor.   • Feather edge to 5 mm thick • 4 Mpa strength • Rapid setting levelling compound • Water resistant • Green Star Compliant   Coverage (approx.) 1.5kg / m2 per 1mm thickness   Surface Preparation : Surfaces must be firm and structurally sound, free from dirt, wax, oil, grease, paint, ponded water, laitance and all contaminants. Contaminated/ultra smooth surfaces need to be mechanically abraded or dustless shot blasted to roughen and abrade the surface. When in doubt about the surface preparation or priming, a 1m2 test area is recommended. A thorough repeated sweeping with a hard broom, followed by mopping with clean water to remove all contaminants is essential.   Mixing : Place 4.2 litres of drinkable water in a mixing container and gradually add the 2 kg of Level Floor Standard using a slow speed drill. Do not hand mix or add in excess of 4.2 litres of water as this causes lumps, cracking, reduced strength and bond failure. A whitish/yellow layer on the surface indicates over watering. Mix for 1-2 minutes and place the product immediately – the levelling properties reduce in effectiveness after 1 minutes making levelling and finishing more difficult. Use the mixture within 15 minutes. Discard unused material after this time.   Level Floor Standard can be applied feather edged to 5 mm. Over 2 mm add up to 3 % dried, washed, sharp coarse sand or fine aggregate, depending on the thickness required.   Application : Pour the mixed levelling compound onto the prepared floor and spread with a levelling compound spreader or large metal trowel, keeping the trowel slightly inclined to obtain the desired thickness. Spread the material to the desired thickness in one application. Use sufficient material to cover high points with 2-3mm thickness. The levelling compound smoothes itself during the first 1 minutes. Apply when the temperature is 5-3 °C, do not apply in direct sunlight as this can cause the surface to crack. If required, an additional layer or finish coat over an aggregate mix can be applied after the surface is primed with Primax but the layer should not exceed 5 % of the previous layer. The levelling compound can be walked on in 2-4 hours and put into use the next day, 12 hours @ 2 °C @ 5 % relative humidity.

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