Stick-Ems Levelling Pegs


Stick-Ems Coating / Floor Levelling Level Pegs Small 65mm pk100


Stick-Ems Coating / Floor Levelling Level Pegs Small 65mm pk100

Pack of 100 – 65mm Sticky backed Level Pegs

• Improves the quality and speed of poured flooring applications
• Designed and refined for professional flooring installers
• Industrial adhesive foot sticks to all clean dust free substrates
• Rubberized polymer construction – to spring back when stepped on
• Scale in millimeters for greater accuracy and ease of use


Do you use manual height pins to do concrete floor leveling to even out the high and low spots in a concrete floor surface that needs to be repaired prior to laying ?

The Stick Em Level Pegs are the perfect solution in saving time and making more money in concrete floor levelling and concrete floor preparation.

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