Variable Speed Schwamborn DSM250VS Concrete Floor Grinder


Variable Speed Schwamborn DSM250VS Concrete Floor Grinder and Edge Grinding machine. Step-less speed from 740 - 1500 RPM, Watertank, 240V, 50Hz, 2.2kW, Swivel head left to right, Height adjustment handle, Dustless grinding shroud and Edge grinding shroud

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Schwamborn DSM250VS Variable Speed Concrete Floor Grinder and Edge Grinding machine

Edge Grinding made even easier with the Schwamborn DSM250 Variable Speed Grinder

Standing up to complete your initial cut, grinding off of glues, paints, coatings or epoxies as well as using the same machine for the application of grouting and polishing your polished concrete floors Schwamborn DSM250VS Variable Speed has it all.

The time you spend edge grinding can be significantly reduced for any contractor when using the Stand-up DSM250VS Edger. Designed with the contractor in mind, it’s one of the easiest machines to use as well as being the most efficient.


Schwamborn has over 80 years of experience in innovation, high end quality concrete floor preparation and finishing systems. The Variable Speed DSM250VS is a recent addition to the fleet as an upgrade version to the standard DSM250 Grinder, adding a variable speed function, balanced head and shroud design, and the water tank with option for water feed / wet grinding or dry dustless grinding with the vacuum connected.

  • Stepless speed control 740 – 1500 RPM
  • Practical water tank for wet grinding and cutting
  • Direct edge grinding with pivoting grinding head
  • Abrasion resistant wheels for clean working and no marking left on the floor (Streak-free)

The edge grinding DSM250VS Schwamborn Grinding machine is a success story thanks to the swivel head adjustment this machine is able to make and grind right to an edge with ease.

DSM 250VS – Sub-surface preparation up to polishing

The new DSM 250VS with pivoting grinding head for rimless grinding. The perfect addition to professional subsurface preparation and finishing of highly polished concrete and designer floors. Equipped with a water tank and continuous speed control for optimum wet grinding. Applications Rimless grinding of concrete, screed, asphalt, regulate uneven floors, remove adhesives, fillers, regulate uneven floors, fine grinding of natural stone, cast stone, terrace.

Variable speed Stand up concrete edge grinder Schwamborn DSM250VS  DSM250 Schwamborn Concrete Floor Grinder standup edge grinding machine


Concrete grinding, preparation and polishing is possible with this single machine.

  • Polished concrete  
  • Concrete floor preparation and grinding
  • Marble, Stone and terrazzo grinding polishing and finishing
  • Adhesives, coatings, or paint removal
  • Waterproofing membrane removal


The edge grinding machine DSM 250 is a success story, because the swivelling grinding head enables professional surface preparation right up to the edge. However, anyone who wanted to polish design concrete or terrazzo floors to the end product by wet grinding was pushed to the limits. With the infinitely variable speed control and the water tank, the new DSM 250S fills this gap. The perfect supplement for professional applications.

See the range of diamond tooling online including

  • Knock on Diamond Grinding shoes 16grit – 300grit

In a wide range of bonding to help with harder and softer flooring types

  • PCD Diamond grinding shoes for harsher or thicker removal applications
  • Velcro backing holder pads to take resin polishing, and diamond impregnated or Phonenix polishing pads
  • Resin polishing pads in all types to mount onto the 3’’ (75mm) flexible Velcro backing holders

Contact our team today to get off your hands and knees edge grinding and polishing, and see what this machine can do for you.

Technical data (Ref. No. 713670)

Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power output 2.2 kW
Working width 250 mm
No. of tools 250 mm
Operating weight 61 kg
Edge distance 0 mm
Tool speed 740 - 1500 r.p.m.
Ø-Dust control 50 mm
Dimensions LxWxH 100 x 40 x 100 cm
Tool mount ETX1, Velcro


Special characteristics
Diamond floating device
Swiveling grinding head left/right
Stepless speed control from 740 -1500 r.p.m.
Practical water tank for wet grinding
Borderless grinding and polishing
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