Production for concrete preparation doubled with the DSM250

Concrete floor grinding

7 Jun 2016

Production for concrete preparation doubled with the DSM250

250 floor grinder removing glue DSM2502 weeks into this concrete preparation and levelling project, contractors have become raving fans of the DSM250 Schwamborn floor grinder - and its high production.

Giving a good keyed concrete finish in a single pass ready for applying of a concrete floor coating, the DSM250 has been running continuous 14 hour days in and out of small room areas to give the maximum production.

"Our DSM250 grinder is outperforming our other 280mm floor grinder and has doubled production," said our client. "The guys love the machine and it’s going back to work again tomorrow!"

When looking at the project initially it all seemed possible with the 'previous' floor grinder. But when the project had to be completed to a time frame, faster production for preparing the floor and grinding off the old glue was needed.

The Schwamborn DSM250 arived and made the whole project so much easier, giving a faster production for preparing the floor, grinding off the old glue and leaving a good keyed concrete finish ready for the next application.

What is it about Schwamborn floor grinders that flooring contractors are talking about?

KOS-Circle SMLLess time on site – because the DSM grinders can grind faster!

Being a simple machine to operate and set-up on site, the Schwamborn lets you begin grinding the floor faster. With knock on diamond grinding shoes to complement the concrete floor it is working on, the DSMs will grind and prepare concrete floors as fast as you need it to. Knock on diamond shoes are available in grits from 16 Grit (soft to very very soft bond - for your super hard slabs), through to more aggressive diamonds including the PCD's (Polycrystalline Diamonds) for removal of thicker or heavy glues, adhesives and coatings.

DSM 250 6er Teller Diamant_Bildgröße ändernGets the perfect finish on your floors in a single pass

Thanks to the huge range of diamond grinding knock on shoes, you can choose the right grit and bond of diamond for each floor surface to ensure the right amount of diamond is exposed, or concrete removed and polished in each project situation. With diamond tooling available up to a 300 Grit, each concrete floor can be cut back, ground flat or polished to your requirements.


randDesigned with the operator in mind

As a German made and engineered concrete floor grinder, the Schwamborn has been designed to ensure it works to its maximum potential, without unnecessary features.

From the edging shroud, to the rotation on the motor of the floor grinder, right through to changing the diamonds and adjusting the level, grinding floors has never been so easy.

A system, being used widely across Australia and New Zealand (as well as Internationally), Schwamborn grinders are being used by some of the most experienced floor covering installers and polished concrete professionals today.

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