A workout with the Razorback Floor Stripper on 150m2 at Fernwood

Floor Lifting & Removal

19 Sep 2016

A workout with the Razorback Floor Stripper on 150m2 at Fernwood

carpet Floor stripping removal with razorback extreme in fernwood gym

Ready for a workout. The Razorback Extreme 150HD Floor lifter is designed to make any hard work - easy. This Fernwood Gym is getting a massive refurb with 150m2 of floor coverings.


Often in floor removal projects in fitness areas the floor covering is a carpet tile, rubber matting, timber or any product that is anti-slip.

Whatever the flooring type the floor needs to be resilient tohaving weights and equipment moved across it. Rubber flooring is ideal as it acts as a shock absorbent material for weight traiing exercises. We all know the strain of working out on a hard floor type which is why gyms like this Ferrnwood one are undergoing large refurbishments in order to make the gym more usre friendly and a great place to workout.

Using the Razorback Extreme flor lifter push along they’ve had 150m2 of timber planking takan up the concrete floor ground back, ramping carpet transitions, feather and sand the floor, clean up and install new floor coverings in a day.

Not the easiest layout, moving of furniture & appliances as well as allowing the gym to function as normal providing access to members, quite an achievement by these boys.

That's what the Razorback Extreme is capable of, fast, high speed removal on floor coverings. Running on a fast moving blade system as the operator pushes the machine forward the blade has the ability to strip up the floor covering fast. Optional blade sizes give flexibility to the job at hand.

The Razorback Floor striping machine is similar to the Tile Shark in size.

RazorbackExtreme floor lifter single phase pushalong














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