Schwamborn DSM250 – taking concrete floor prep to the top!

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15 Sep 2014

Schwamborn DSM250 – taking concrete floor prep to the top!

We’ve spoken to many flooring professionals over the years, and one thing they agree on is the Schwamborn DSM250 floor grinder is the best machine available. With our wide range of optional attachments it:





It’s by far the most versatile floor grinder we’ve found. The DSM250 excels whether you need to perform high speed concrete preparation, create the perfect mirror finish on concrete, or make a completely textured floor profile.

It’s the complete system. Get the DSM250 today for the best finished product on ANY floor!

Taking concrete surface preparation to the very top

When push comes to shove in concrete surface preparation, what’s the best way to remove thick product from concrete floors?

That was the question that faced our clients – flooring contractors who were tasked with removing a failed waterproofing membrane from the rooftop of Festival Towers.

The very thick, well bonded waterproofing membrane had to be removed quickly and reliably, which meant a fast and aggressive grinder was called for – and with the job site located in the central Brisbane CBD, top notch concrete dust control was needed too.

It had all the hallmarks of a difficult challenge – until the Schwamborn DSM250 concrete grinder hit the floor.

Fast and reliable concrete surface preparation

By coupling the DSM250 with polycrystalline diamond (PCD) grinding shoes, our clients had the solution they were looking for. It’s a combination that’s perfect for removing tough adhesive, epoxy coating, paint, or membrane.

With advice from All Preparation Equipment, the contractors elected to fit just three PCD diamond shoes to their Schwamborn concrete floor grinder, rather than the full complement of six grinding shoes. With fewer shoes on the ground the DSM250 concrete floor grinder was more aggressive, cutting in faster, which is exactly what was needed. It’s worth bearing in mind the next time you need to grind thick and heavy coatings quickly.

To complicate things, roof support pylons were spaced regularly around the rooftop area. But the adjustable dust shroud on the DSM250 concrete floor grinder is superior to other machines in its size. It was a simple matter to adjust the shroud and allow grinding right to an edge, from the left to the right side, without stopping – a huge time saver on the project!

PCD diamonds handle the toughest floor preparation challenges

PCDs play an important role in concrete surface preparation by initially breaking up whatever thick, sticky or tough compounds you’re dealing with. Once the PCDs have done the heavy lifting and removed the bulk of the material, you’re left with just minor tidy up where required.

Whether you’re faced with a failed or damaged waterproofing membrane, tough old adhesives and glues under carpet, vinyl, tile or cork floor coverings, PCD diamonds are a must to have on hand.

That’s a view shared by Mark, another of our clients who’s a vinyl floor layer. He told us,  “WOW, those PCD wheels are super! Literally was ripping in so fast to the glue, it peeled it off like you pull sticky tape off a roll. It makes removal super easy.”

For your next tough floor removal project, when time is money PCD diamonds are the answer – whether you’re using a hand held angle grinder, or a single or three phase concrete grinder.

Dust control for every job site

Working on this construction site in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD meant that effective dust control was essential. All Preparation Equipment recommended a combination of the ultra reliable Starmix ISP1435 vacuum, with its ‘permanent clean’ filter system, and a dust extraction separator system for greater efficiency.

It’s the ideal high quality dust control solution that can help you keep working for longer, without worrying about dust or the need to change or clean filters. We’ve put together a great value dust control pack with these items and more here.

Whatever challenge your next job brings, the All Preparation Equipment team have the experience to provide the right advice and solutions for your needs. Find out more about our concrete floor grinders range here or contact a product expert now.