Schwamborn grinders – the fastest solution for removal and concrete floor preparation

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27 Aug 2015

Schwamborn grinders – the fastest solution for removal and concrete floor preparation

Three phase Concrete floor Schwamborn grindersProfessional subsurface and concrete floor preparation is extremely important. You need to achieve a good solid pull and holding strength to ensure efficient coating and application of floors, before sealing them with a coating, sealer or synthetic resin.

In a wide range of flooring projects, using heavy concrete grinding equipment and machinery is enough to achieve a certain amount of floor texture or key. By using a concrete floor grinder, you can significantly reduce the expense of smoothing over the floor with a floor levelling compound, coating or filler. 

Concrete floor grinders in operation

planetary three phase floor Schwamborn grindersConcrete floor grinding, by comparison to shot blasting or concrete scarifying, is by far the most preferred method in most applications. That's because it provides:

  • A finish which can be worked with on all floor surfaces
  • Multiple options of finish, depending on the diamond used
  • The ability to get close to the edges
  • Low noise level and little dust

Three phase floor preparationConcrete floor grinders run or operate from a horizontally rotating disc to level, smooth or clean the top surface of a concrete slab. Planetary and three phase Schwamborn floor grinders have multiple heads on the base of the machine. That means you can achieve an even wider range of finishes, along with a significantly flatter floor.

When you need to grind over the top of any floor area, from a small bathroom renovation through to a commercial warehouse or office block – Schwamborn grinders do it all.

Removal of epoxy resin (EP) and polyurethane (PU) coatings

Because no two projects are the same (varying in terms of the individual floor situation, coating thickness, age and condition of the floor) it may prove beneficial to scarify the concrete floor in order to get a stronger profile or texture for the coating or adhesive to bond onto in the next stage.

Schwamborn grinders allow a fast, high speed removal of coatings and resins with the use of PCD Knock-on grinding shoes, which strip off or peel away the bulk of the product from the top of the floor.

Schwamborn removal of concrete coatingPCDs (Polycrystalline Diamonds) are made from a synthetic diamond compound, which makes them stronger than any regular diamond grinding shoe with grit. They are not designed for grinding concrete, but instead for the removal and stripping of thick or sticky product, including coatings, membranes, thick paints, epoxies or glues from any floor surface.

Instead of grinding down, they will rip and tear off any of these products from the substrate, to leave you with a clean concrete surface ready to be ground or polished.

Floor resurfacing and removal of adhesive and fillers

Schwamborn removal of thick coatingAs all floor layers know, it’s important to work with a clean surface prior to applying glue or adhesive for the new floor surface. Depending on the floor surface and what's on the floor, diamond grinding shoes can be used to clean off any minor product on the floor. PCD diamonds can be used to strip and tear off bulk product from the floor, to achieve a floor surface that's ready to lay on.

This is the case in any laying of floor coverings, from vinyl sheeting through to carpet tiles, timbers, ceramics or parquetry.

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