Schwamborn floor grinders taking off at Brisbane Airport

Concrete floor grinding

14 May 2015

Schwamborn floor grinders taking off at Brisbane Airport

concrete floor preparation It’s “all hands on the floor” day and night at Brisbane Airport, where the Domestic Common User Terminal (DCUT) is currently being refurbished. As home to all check-ins, baggage handling, and more, the DCUT refurb project had to be carried out with speed and to the highest standards.

We took a behind-the-scenes look at the DCUT refurbishment project to see how All Preparation Equipment’s client Campak is handling this time-critical concrete floor preparation and re tiling job. 

Outstanding grinding production for a time-critical project

Strict time constraints are imposed by BAC when working in an operational airline terminal, and Campak and its subcontractors work round the clock to keep to the program.

The refurbishment works include most building trades, with the addition of baggage handling systems, automatic bag drops and conveyors.

High quality concrete floor preparation

Preparing and levelling the 2000m2 concrete floor space to perfection, ready for installation of the new flooring tiles, was a major part of the DCUT refurbishment project.

Each stage of the floor preparation requires the removal of both ceramic and carpet tiles, and then the grinding of the floor to remove the residue adhesives. APE’s level floor standard is used to prepare the floor for new Terrastone tiles.
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Schwamborn concrete grinders are flat out fantastic

Once the Terrastone tiles were correctly laid and grouted, the tiles were ground to ensure both tile and grout line were flush. As a very high traffic area, the airport’s floor needed the highest standard of grinding finish, to be safe to walk on and easy to clean.

This need for extremely accurate grinding meant Schwamborn concrete floor grinders from All Preparation Equipment were just what was called for.

DSM250, DSM430 and DSM650 grinders keep the task to schedule

Schwamborn floor grinders ensure an excellent finishWith the Schwamborn DSM250 concrete floor grinder, edge grinding was easy. Contractors had this machine working around the edge of the floor, while the larger machines were moving across the bulk of the floor.

In the initial stages after the original floor tiles were removed, the DSM250 grinder and DSM430 variable speed concrete floor grinder played a large part in ensuring the fastest, most effective concrete floor preparation. Although three phase power was readily available, the two Schwamborn 240 volt floor grinders proved invaluable in the smaller areas around carousels and under the escalators.

Fitted with high speed, aggressive diamond grinding shoes, adhesive removal was easy, alternating on the different grinding machines from 16/20 grit in soft bond to 20/30 grit in a medium bond.

After discussions with the contractor, it became obvious they had a need for speed! That’s when the DSM650 grinder joined the ranks as well. The tile surface hardness is rated at 170 Mpa – yes that’s right, 170 Mpa – which is super hard. The Schwamborn DSM650 grinder successfully helped with the finishing work needed to get each floor tile level with the grout lines. And with its greater power, it can cover and grind more m2 of floor area faster – and also help ensure a flatter finish.






Quieter concrete floor grinders work harder

outstanding concrete floor preparationBut it was another Schwamborn feature that our client most enjoyed. Their older machines were too noisy to be used during the Brisbane Airport staff’s working day. That meant working after hours, which of course brings increased costs with overtime. Thanks to the Schwamborn machines’ quiet belt drive system, the contractor was granted permission to work during the day! It was another huge plus for Campak.

The German-built grinders, complete with water tank, proved most effective in concrete grinding and resurfacing the floor either wet or dry, depending on what was best suited. The manoeuvrable handle allows the grinding frame to be adjusted according to different operator heights, and ensure the weight is kept in the right areas while grinding.

Designed with a point of difference, Schwamborn grinding systems are the most practical and economical way to prepare concrete floor substrates. In weighing up factors like time, speed, labour, and finish, once again the Schwamborn floor grinders triumphed over the satellite floor grinding machines.

Operators of the Schwamborn planetary driven grinding machines said, “The three phase grinder is so incredibly quiet and smooth, the airport authorities have allowed us to use it during the day.”

In other site visits, floor preparation contractors said, “We’re ecstatic with the Schwamborn grinders. We are now getting the results we need.”

The airport’s tiled and concrete floors are still being worked on, but are well on schedule for completion thanks to the Schwamborn planetary grinding machines.

Effective dust control systems ensure a clean commute

In a busy hub such as Brisbane Airport – home to thousands of travellers every day – controlling dust and maintaining a clean, neat working area was vitally important.

Campak kept the airport dust-free by installing temporary hoardings and dust barriers which could be easily installed and removed as the construction and remodelling project progressed. Dust control and extraction systems worked to efficiently remove all dust and debris from the site as it was created, maintaining a clean working environment.

430 Planetary Floor grinderVariable speed Concrete floor polisher  DSM650 Planetary grinding tiles at DCUT




Campak and All Preparation Equipment keep the airport flying

“With All Prep’s advice and the Schwamborn concrete grinders, the upgrade is coming along well,” says Allister from Campak. “It’s giving the whole area a fresh new look.”

“We’ve won work for Qantas and Brisbane Airport Corporation based on our experience and knowledge of working in these environments – and concrete floor preparation products from All Preparation Equipment have been a big part of that.”

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