Shotblasting for heavy concrete surface profiling

Concrete floor scarifying

Madeline Cowles

5 Jun 2018

Shotblasting for heavy concrete surface profiling

The shot blasting process has been around for over 100 years and Blastrac was the inventor of the first mobile shot blasting machine in the early 80’s. Blastrac are now the undisputed global leader in this field. Operating in over 80 countries the Blastrac product range now has 55 different surface preparation machines, from handheld products to truck mounted and fully remote controlled surfaces preparation machines.

The Blastrac shot blasting system are a mechanical process which is designed to remove up to 3mm of concrete surface contaminants, surface imperfections and coatings on concrete, stone or asphalt. The process is fully controlled, safe and environmentally sound. It uses no water, no chemicals or solvents, emits no pollutants or dust to the atmosphere and there removed material can often be fully recycled, this is what makes the shot blasting process an environmentally friendly technology.


Steel shot is fed by gravity through a control calve into an impellor. The impellor turning at high speed throws the steel shot through and adjustable opening at high velocity and at the specific angle on to the surface, over which the self-propelled machine is travelling.

The steel shot impacts the surface and bounces off, as it does so material from the surface whether this is contaminants, coatings or the surface material itself is abraded. Loose material together with the shot is drawn up into the machine by the airflow created by the vacuum unit.

Brush seals enclosed the last head to the surface and air is drawn in through and under the brushes from the surfaces to ensure no shot material from the blast head escapes into the atmosphere.

The debris and shot is drawn up into the separation chamber and by using a dual cyclone and magnetic separation process, the debris is drawn off to the dust collector and the shot is recycled back to the black head.

Accurate control of the shot blast pattern and the degree of removal or texture created is controlled using carious machine settings and operational practices. These include:

  • Shot type
  • Shot size
  • Shot delivery control valve setting
  • Impellor/ rotor speed
  • Dust collector vacuum (airflow) settings
  • Forward speed of machine
  • Number and direction of passes


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