Surface protection that’s easy to apply, easy to remove and easy done!

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12 May 2014

Surface protection that’s easy to apply, easy to remove and easy done!

Temporary surface protection

When you make last-minute touch-ups to paint or plaster for a new project or renovation, you’ll no doubt be working to a tight deadline.

That’s when accidents can happen – and you don’t want to be left with a hefty cleaning bill. So when you’re working around newly installed carpet, vinyls, tiles, timber floors or polished concrete, it pays to take out an inexpensive ‘insurance policy’ to protect the new surface while you work. 

Self-adhesive floor protection film from All Preparation Equipment is durable, water-resistant, and not easily torn or punctured. Once it’s down, you can concentrate on the job at hand – not on what’s underfoot. It’s great for renovation and demolition, where the floor surface needs to stay protected.

Easy to apply, easy to remove

This self adhesive film provides surface protection for carpet or hard surfaces.

Our floor protection film is completely self-adhesive, saving you the time and hassle of taping it down. Its advanced “high tack” formula ensures your surface protection film stays in place where you need it, even on very soft or deep pile carpets, for two or three weeks. It is not recommended for wool – see our Polyweave product as the best alternative for this.

Adhesive protection film comes ‘reverse roll’ (with the adhesive on the outside). It makes applying temporary surface protection a simple matter of unrolling the film, which securely adheres to the surface as it goes.

But for an even easier way to apply floor protection, our specialised long-handled adhesive film applicator has a built-in roller to create an even more effective bond. And with fewer air pockets, it’s less likely to crinkle or move over time too. For bigger areas, or if you need to protect surfaces regularly, it’s a must-have!

This clear, heavy duty film provides self-adhesive protection for hard floor surfaces.

When the job’s done, floor protection film is simple to remove, leaving no adhesive behind on the surface you’ve protected. And it’s so cost-effective, you don’t need to re-use your temporary floor protection – just pull it up and throw it away when you’re done!

Need heavy duty surface protection? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for an even stronger way to protect floors, such as during construction or demolition, our Polyweave roll gives you ultra-strong surface protection, whether you’re working inside or outside.

Cost-effective heavy duty surface protection offering superior strength, durability and tear resistance.

This double laminated polythene floor protector has woven composition for superior strength and durability. It’s puncture and tear resistant, and won’t stretch and move out of position while you work.

Polyweave gives you very durable surface protection – and it’s a far cheaper alternative to expensive clean-up by professional carpet cleaners.


The All Preparation Equipment team can help you choose the right temporary floor protection, to make sure you don’t waste time and money on your next job. Find out more about our range here or contact a product expert now.