Thousands of happy customers


Flooring technology trainer

The All Preparation Equipment team is always helpful and you’ve now found me the perfect solution.

And thousands of happy companies, including:

Alex L

Delta Group - DSM250 grinder

Those grinders are very quiet, and we’ve had no complaints. Can’t be any better then VERY HAPPY with them. Compared to the hire gear we’ve had this machine is faster, quieter and better finish when we’re grinding off the linemarking at Pac Fair

Chris B

S Subfloor - DSM400 three phase

Our new grinder is faster then my HTC800 Grinder that’s a three phase too. (The DSM400 Three phase Grinder) is smaller, has a single head and can swing through and around doorways faster.

Jamie K

Coating applicator - DSM250 grinder

My DSM 250mm Grinder is an absolute weapon! We use it to grind garage floors and it blitz’s them everytime.

Jeff M

Proud owner of a Schwamborn

I am a firm believer, I am convinced now that the Schwamborn diamonds and the small Schwamborn grinder the DSM 250 is a valuable piece of kit and should be in everyone’s toolbox for the adaptability of it I can go this way left left bitch why did straight ahead round behind the screen behind that really works and I and I should know I’ve got a lot of Swedish machines, but now I’m over those machines. I love your Schwamborn!!


Carpet Court subcontractor

I have shopped with All Preparation Equipment for over 12 months now and discovered them via there web page which help myself to understand more about diamonds to use on our grinding machine we had just purchased, i was also searching for a shroud to use on our 7' and 4' grinders to control dust on a offshore project where dust in the air would be a problem. The two shrouds we purchased were bloody fantastic and everyone was happy.


BJ G Flooring

Thanks very much for the prompt service all goods showed up in today’s mail A1 service & quality.


Floorless Solutions

Sensational Service, couldn’t complain about the service from you guys.


Flooring Xtra vinyl layer

100% happy, I’ll be coming again. I got the right equipment and the service I needed.


Epoxy floor coating applicator

I find your advice to be the most accurate. That’s why I use your company over your competition – because I really value your advice and it saves me money.

John Carloss

Project manager

Top product you have, and love your service as always.


Site Manager

Upgraded to the H Class DC2900 Vac and have found the suction a lot better than other vacs we own. Saves the guys onsite time having to go over areas twice. Dust collection bags are also a lot more effective compared to the other vacs we had been using.


Xpression Floor Services

The DSM250 Dustless Floor Grinder Package
 the DSM250 is a work horse, it’s saving them so much time, they’ve just hit this slab that has hard and soft sections in it and needing something that will cover the bases for both lots of concrete – got all they need for now but this is just once off the diamonds he purchased are a 20/30 grit orange – so are in a softer bond than what he’s been using so will be interested to see


Flooring technology trainer

The All Preparation Equipment team is always helpful and you’ve now found me the perfect solution.

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