Water damage, flood restoration & storm clean up solutions

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28 Nov 2014

Water damage, flood restoration & storm clean up solutions

Summer Storms

It’s a simple fact of life in South East Queensland that summer means storms. And with thunderstorms come heavy rainfall, damaging winds, hailstones, and flash flooding – all of which can add up to substantial property damage.

As your clean up begins, the team at All Preparation Equipment are here to help. We can offer you expert advice on the equipment you’ll need to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible after storm damage. 

Summer Storms

Everything you need for post-storm recovery

We understand how stressful after-storm repair projects can be. So we’ll do whatever we can to make your tough storm recovery jobs easy, with expert advice and helpful solutions for getting your business back up and running.

Over the years, our customers have come to us with numerous stories of troubles caused by storms. So we’re well experienced in providing solutions that can help. The All Preparation Equipment team can provide you with storm damage recovery equipment, including:

Temporary barriers like our reusable ZipWall system, to help keep the elements out in the event of windows being smashed in.

300mm fan blower extractorCarpet dryers and blowers to help dry out carpets and underlay where rainwater or standing water have entered.

floor lifters and strippersFloor lifters and strippers to remove water damaged floor coverings in preparation for laying new flooring.

Industrial wet/dry vacuum systems to clean up your business site – fast. And using generator power is no problem!

Concrete floor grinders for fast removal of damaged carpet, vinyl and tiles, as well as preparation of the floor prior to relaying.

Carpet RipperCarpet cutters to assist with the quick removal of carpet, vinyls and lino by slicing them into easily removable strips. It’s the most efficient way to remove floor coverings.

AFloor scrapers for easy carpet removal range of scrapers and blades for removing soaked wallpaper, as well as glues, paints, coatings, epoxies and resins from storm damaged under floor coverings.
















Talk to the expert All Preparation Equipment team to get your project back up and running as quickly as possible. Call 07 3217 9877 now!