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At All Preparation Equipment, you always get the best equipment, service, and advice.

We’re the team that’s always ready to help you when you have a tough job to do, the one you can turn to for a complete range of tools to get your project done right. If you need help making the right decision for your project, our team is always available to guide you. We’re here to make any tough job easier – it’s what we live and breathe.

From helping you find the perfect concrete grinder or concrete floor polisher to providing high-quality upgrades to your tools, our team will see to it that you get the solutions you need. Here’s why our customers across Australia continue to trust us for all their floor preparation needs:

  • Leading supplier in the concrete preparation and coating industry
  • Our dedicated team is ALWAYS ready to help you
  • Proven, trusted, and innovative equipment that gives you the best return on investment
  • Our superior equipment
  • 100% Australian owned and managed
  • We provide expert equipment advice that make tough jobs easy
  • Same day dispatch – order by 3pm and we’ll send your package that day (if in stock)
  • We deliver Australia-wide

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Tough Tools for Every Job

When it comes to floor preparation and concrete work, All Preparation Equipment will help you get whatever you need to tackle every job head on. We offer a comprehensive range of tools and accessories from leading brands, ensuring you get the quality and performance you need to get the job done on time, every time.

Our catalogue of innovative, highly effective products includes:

  • Concrete floor preparation & concrete floor polishers – machines, pads, and polishing accessories to set up and prepare any floor, from industrial warehouse flooring to those requiring high-end, professional polishing. 
  • Concrete grinders – includes angle grinders, single head floor grinders, long reach grinders, sanding machines, and crack chasing and cutting kits. 
  • Diamond tooling – includes handheld grinding and polishing attachments, concrete grinding discs, cutting blades, grinder attachments, wire blasters, sanding pads, bush hammers, PCD diamonds, and a range of other attachments to make your grinding, cutting, and preparation projects easier.
  • Floor strippers – We have a variety of floor strippers and floor lifting accessories such as a ride-on floor stripper, self-propelled lifter, jack hammer trolley frames and attachments, and a range of other complimentary tools. 
  • Dust shrouds – Make every concrete grinding, cutting, and chasing job dustless. With dust shrouds to suit any angle grinder from 100mm to 230mm, you can now work dust free onsite. 
  • Mixing equipment – for mixing of construction or floor levelling compounds, cement, epoxies, coatings, or membranes, our range of mixers, paddles, and accessories has everything you need. 
  • Coating and levelling tools – From a trowel, rake, or pin leveller for getting the perfect level on your floor to sticky level pegs, spiked rollers, and spiked coating shoes, our collection ensures the perfect finish on every flooring project. 
  • Concrete vacuum & extraction systems – industrial vacuum systems and accessories for optimum dust control and cleaner work environments. High-powered vacuums, dust separators filters, fans, and ducting for every dust extraction tool are available here.
  • Temporary floor protection – We have a wide range of temporary floor and surface protection products available. Corflute, polyweave, and self-adhesive film can be used for glass and window protection, waterproofing barrier sheeting, and MDF sheeting, depending on your construction project requirements. 
  • Portable dust barrier systems – Zipwall spring loaded pole barriers and accessories provide the most efficient dust protection and barrier system for any jobsite. Choose the package of your choice or customise your own for projects of any scale.

You never take a refurbishment or floor preparation project lightly – and neither do we. Our range extends to every collection of tools and equipment so that you always get the right preparation or dust control machine for your job.
No matter how big the task ahead of you, All Preparation Equipment has the exact tips, tricks, and tools to ensure you complete your project accurately.

Tough Jobs Made Easy

Work smarter, not harder – that’s what we’re all about.

Floor preparation takes a lot of work. It’s essential you have the right tools and machinery on hand to ensure your floors are prepared faster than usual. At All Preparation Equipment, our team will provide you with the right tools and machines to help do the job faster, safer, and cleaner.
Here’s how we make tough jobs easier for you:

Wide Selection of Machines and Accessories

With our comprehensive range of machines and accessories, you can select the right tools for the job every time. We offer several different brands in almost every product category, allowing you to choose the best tools according to your needs and preferences.
Many of our tools and machines also come in different variations and settings so you can fine-tune your selection. This allows you to choose the model that best fits your situation, giving you the ability to use tools that were designed to do exactly what you need to. Whether you need a heavy-duty concrete grinder for the foundation or a high-end concrete polisher for professional polishing, our team will get the most appropriate tools for your needs and budget.

Industry-Leading Brands and Models

If you want tools that won’t break down after every couple of jobs, then you need to invest in tools and accessories from the most reliable brands in the industry. At All Preparation Equipment, we make this easier than ever to do. Our product range only features brands and companies that have built a reputation for their performance, functionality, and durability. This way, when you purchase tools and accessories from us, you can always count on it to do its job.

We believe that quality preparation leads to quality work. And there’s no better way to do this than to use tools and accessories that have proven to work every time. Some of the leading brands we supply include:

  • Schwamborn Concrete Grinders 
  • Starmix Vacuum Systems 
  • Pullman Ermator Vacuums 
  • Razorback Extreme Floor Lifters 
  • Roll Floor Lifters 
  • Nilfisk
  • Hitachi 
  • National Equipment Floor Lifters 
  • And many more!

And of course, we also carry our own line of All Preparation Equipment tools and accessories designed for maximum speed, production, and value.

Expert Advice and Recommendations

When you need advice on choosing the right tool or model for the job, look no further than our team of floor preparation specialists. They’re experts in matching tools for particular tasks, and they can determine your best options based on your needs and budget.

As experienced industry specialists, our team also knows the strengths and weaknesses of each brand and model, giving you a more balanced perspective for deciding which tools to get. Whether you’re looking for a particular machine or simply want to expand your tool collection, we’ll provide all the advice and recommendations you need to make the right choice.

Making Your Jobs Easier

A job well done in floor preparation isn’t just about using the right tools and machines. It’s also about using the right grinding equipment, tools, and accessories. All Preparation Equipment offers a wide range of accessories and add-ons so you can instantly upgrade your line of equipment. From tougher-than-usual concrete grinding discs to a range of industrial concrete vacuum systems that come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, we have the flooring equipment and accessories to improve the performance of your team and subcontracting trades.

Remember that these accessories don’t just improve your tools’ performance and functionality. In some cases, they may even be necessary to complete the job at hand. All Preparation Equipment offers an extensive product range to ensure you get exactly the right tools, tips, and equipment to complete your job properly.

From diamond attachments to floor levelling equipment, dust control, floor lifting machines, and temporary surface protection, All Preparation Equipment has exactly what you need no matter how tough your job might be.

Customised Packages for Your Exact Needs

Floor preparation and concrete work require highly specialised tools, and it only makes sense to have tools that complement each other at all times. At All Preparation Equipment, we provide a variety of packages that not only save you money but also bring together the best sets of tools for you. This way, you already get all the necessary tools to complete certain jobs and tasks. Not to mention the money and time you’ll save by investing in this equipment as a package.

Our Complete DSM Polishing Pack, for example, provides a concrete floor grinder, vacuum or dust extraction system, and accessories like diamond polishing pads, dust bags, and a vacuum dust separator system. It also includes all the attachments you need for the job to get started.

We have a complete line of starter sets and professional packages, starting with the smallest angle grinder units to full three-phase floor polishing or grinding bundles.

And if you come across a job where you don’t know what the right equipment to use, that’s even easier! We customise packages all the time to ensure you get the right machine and tooling you need. From dust control and vacuum systems to packages for concrete floor grinding, polishing, floor levelling, and floor lifting or stripping, you’ll find it all at All Preparation Equipment.

Call 1800 422 992 today and talk to our expert team to complete your projects faster, easier, and smarter. You can also take a look at our latest specials and packages to find what you need – high-quality, reliable equipment at discounted prices.

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