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If you’ve got a tough job to do, All Preparation Equipment has what you need to make it easy. We provide products, packages and advice that will help you get the job done quicker and easier than ever. Our dedicated team members live and breathe concrete floor preparation, and we are ALWAYS available to help you make your job as easy as possible. We will help you get whatever you need to tackle any job head on, no matter what you are facing.
Our range includes concrete grinders and machines from the industry’s leading brands, ensuring you get the quality and performance you need to get the job done on time, every time.
From Concrete Floor Grinders, Floor Lifting and Stripping machines, Mixing equipment and Coating or Floor Leveling rakes, rollers, squeegees and Level pegs through to Diamond tooling for grinding, removal of coatings, paints, glues & adhesives or Polishing Concrete floors we have you covered.

Stop by our Sydney or Brisbane store or contact the All Preparation Equpment team today to meet a rep in your area, 1800 422 992.

Concrete Floor Preparation & Polishing

Get any floor ready for concrete work with the right concrete floor preparation equipment and concrete floor polishers. We have everything you need to prepare your floors quickly, easily and correctly. Choose from our range of concrete grinders, heavy machinery, pads and polishing accessories that are designed for high-level concrete floor preparation and concrete floor polishing.

Whether you’re preparing industrial warehouse flooring or working on a high-end, professional polishing job, All Preparation Equipment has what you need to get the results you want.

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Concrete Floor Grinders

Grind, cut and prepare floors faster than ever with cutting-edge diamond tooling and high-powered concrete floor grinders. We’ve gathered some of the finest concrete grinders in the industry, providing machines that can take your concrete grinding to the next level. We also have handheld grinding and polishing attachments, concrete grinding discs, cutting blades, grinder attachments, wire blasters, sanding pads, bush hammers and PCD diamonds.

No matter the level of grinding your project calls for, we’ll have the right concrete floor grinder to do it quickly and efficiently. Whether you need basic concrete grinders for minor work or heavy-duty workhorses for commercial and industrial applications, you’ll find it here at All Preparation Equipment.

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Diamond Tooling

Upgrade your concrete grinders with first-rate diamond grinding wheels and diamond shoes. We have diamond tooling for every type of grinding or polishing work, from rugged cutting blades to finer wheels for more delicate grinding. No matter what type of floor you’re working on, we’ll have the tools that can help you get the look and finish you need.

Our range includes a variety of diamond grinding wheels, cutting blades, ZEC discs, diamond shoes, and Polivac plates. We also stock grinding plugs, grinding cones, sanding pads and other diamond tooling accessories that you can use for different grinding or polishing jobs.

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Floor Strippers

Strip in less time and with less effort with our range of floor lifters and floor stripping machines. We have a complete range of floor strippers, offering everything from basic floor lifters to heavy-duty floor stripping machines for large-scale projects. No matter the floor removal job that you’re facing, we’ll have the right machine to help you complete it.

Our collection includes standard floor strippers, self-propelled lifters, ride-on floor strippers and jack hammer trolley frames and attachments. We also offer several accessories for upgrading your floor stripper and improving its performance.

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Dust Shrouds

Control dust and debris in your worksite by using special dust shrouds for your angle grinders. We supply dust shrouds for different sizes of angle grinders ranging from 100mm to 230mm. All our dust shrouds also feature standard-sized dust ports so that you can pair them easily with different brands and models of grinders.

By using the right dust shroud for your grinder, you can make every grinding, cutting and chasing job clean and dust-free. These shrouds also minimise wear on your diamond wheels, helping them last longer and work at their full capacities.

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Mixing Equipment

Mix construction and floor levelling compounds more safely with our range of mixing tools and equipment. We have specially designed mixing equipment for handling a variety of compounds and solutions, and our range includes different types of mixers, canisters, buckets and mixing paddles.

Whether you’re mixing cement, coatings and membranes or preparing epoxies and special compounds, you’ll find the perfect set of mixing tools at All Preparation Equipment.

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Coating and Levelling Tools

Ensure smooth coats and level surfaces on your floors by using tools that are designed for such tasks. We offer everything from standard levelling equipment like trowels, rakes and pin levellers to special tools like spiked coating shoes and spiked rollers. Whatever your flooring project requires, we’ll have the tools and accessories to help you get the perfect finish.

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Concrete Vacuum & Extraction Systems

Create cleaner and dust-free worksites by using high-level vacuums and dust control systems. We offer industrial vacuum systems that provide optimum dust control and more seamless dust extraction no matter where you’re working.

Our range includes high-powered vacuums, dust separators, filters, fans and ducting for practically every type of dust extraction tool. Whether you’re looking for a basic industrial vacuum or a multi-phase unit, you’ll find it here at All Preparation Equipment.

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Temporary Surface Protection

Protect your walls and floors and avoid property damage by installing temporary surface protection on your worksite. Choose from our wide range of high-quality temporary floor protection products, which includes Corflute sheets, Polyweave and self-adhesive film.

You can even use these products for glass and window protection, waterproofing barrier sheeting or MDF sheeting. We have products for every level of surface protection so that you’ll always have the right solution no matter what your project requires.

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Portable Dust Barrier Systems

Ensure complete dust protection wherever you’re working by installing a strong yet flexible dust barrier system. Set up your worksite with a Zipwall system which features spring-loaded pole barriers and tough barrier plastic for superior dust control. These barriers make excellent additions to any worksite, providing outstanding dust protection from concrete grinders and concrete grinding machines.

We have different Zipwall kits available for different project sizes. Choose the package of your choice, or customise your own for projects of any scale.

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