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Fans & Ducting

Extraction Fans & Ducting

Portable construction fans and blowers have always been a part of life onsite, With the movement more towards controlling dust, dirt and mess onsite rather than transferring it from one area to another the team at All Preparation Equipment has been supporting sites with the range of Dustcontrol Air Cleaners and Air Scrubbers may also be something to consider.

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Why Do I Need Industrial Extraction Fans?

Construction sites, especially during floor and surface preparation phases, tend to produce large amounts of concrete dust and crystalline silica, along with other airborne contaminants. When crystalline silica dust is absorbed into your lungs for a long time at low to moderate levels or for a short time at high levels, it can be dangerous.

Inhaling crystalline silica dust can lead to silicosis, a lung scarring condition. Shortness of breath, coughing, exhaustion and weight loss are all symptoms of silicosis, a deadly and incurable disease. The damage produced by silicosis to the lungs can necessitate a lung transplant or death in severe cases.

Construction Dust Can Also Damage Equipment

Construction dust is not only harmful to you as a worker, but it also wreaks havoc on construction equipment. Due to engine wear, you must maintain your equipment more frequently once they have accumulated substantial dust levels and overall operational costs grow as a result.

Construction dust is abrasive, and if exposed to it, it can cause significant damage to equipment. If the motor gets into contact with the dust, it could cause it to fail, especially if it's a petrol-powered machine.

Concrete dust can affect all types of equipment, especially tools that come in contact with greased or moist surfaces. The dust works as a paste when this happens, causing the equipment to stick together and wear out more quickly. Similarly, because the dust is made of concrete, the particles can solidify if it accumulates and becomes moist.

Quality Extraction Fans and Ducting Systems are Key

At All Preparation Equipment, we understand the hazards that go along with surface and floor preparation projects. This is why we have made it a point to provide trades with easily accessible, yet highly dependable fans and ducting systems. We have a wide range of flexible ducting and lay flat ducting options, as well as industrial fans of varying sizes and powers. If you need assistance in selecting the right ducting equipment for your site or are looking for an extractor fan for sale, reach out to us, and we are more than happy to be of assistance.